Dj Do-Dat Side

1.New Order - Perfect Kiss 
2.Pet Shop Boys - Always on my Mind
3.Peter Schilling - Different Story
4.Warren Rigg - Who are you gonna run to?
5.Celebrate the Nun - Patience
6.Anything Box - Living in Oblivion
7.Dead or Alive - Baby, Don't Say Goodbye
8.Anything Box - Jubilation
9.New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
10.O.M.D. - If you Leave
11.Erasure - A Little Respect
12.Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
13.Fatima - Hassan


Frankie B. Side

14.Dollar - Oh L'Amour
15.Englishboy on the LoverRanch - Man in your Life
16.Men w/o Hats - Pop Goes the World
17.Book of Love - Pretty Boys & Pretty Girls
18.Kon Kan - I Beg your Pardon
19.Hubert Kah - So Many People
20.Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Around
21.Englishboy on the LoverRanch - Sex Vigilante
22.Cetu Javu - Situations
23.Book of Love - Lullaby
24.Dead or Alive - Lover Come Back to Me


  • Waves from the Heart

  • Alternative Forever

  • Sweet Lullaby

  • Sweet Dreams

  • Obsession

  • Imagination

  • Just One Day

  • Limited Edition










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